We strive to grow the most beautiful ornamental plants from Japan,
surrounded and guided
by the tranquility they bring.

You draw a slow, full breath. Your eyes close, and then you feel it ‒ a glow of ease and tranquility.
Centered in this state of focused serenity, we lovingly raise the flowers and plants in our care.

Compact designs that evoke quiet harmony in small spaces.

Characteristically Japanese design attitude makes even the smallest living spaces warmly inviting.

Pure delight ‒ from the day it arrives.

We shape every plant to ensure your lasting enjoyment from the moment it reaches your door.

Preserving the timeless beauty of Japan

Botanical crafts from Japan are imbued with the distinct beauty of the ever-changing seasons.

Discover the joy of home-grown “Delicious.”

Experience the unique delight that comes from cultivating your very own blueberries.