Scientific name

Vaccinium ssp

Blueberries are an attractive and delightful fruit tree that can thrive in limited spaces, such as gardens & terraces, balconies and even pots, and can be harvested as soon as one to two years after planting.

Flowering Season April
Shipping Season Year-round as seedlings/ May-July as potted plants with berries.
Suitable for Potted plants, in-ground plants, fruit trees
Placement & Site Selection For the most delicious results, place in a sunny location. Avoid areas where water accumulates, as Blueberries do not thrive in waterlogged soil.
Watering From April to October, be alert for dry soil!
Pay extra attention not to let the flowers wilt once they start to bloom.
Blueberries prefer well-draining soil, which tends to dry out quickly.
The plant will require extra water as fruit develops, so water generously to prevent drying. In the height of summer, the frequency of watering can be reduced by covering the soil surface with straw or wood chips to minimize evaporation.
After the leaves have fallen in winter, check the soil and water generously if dry.
Light Well-sunlit
5 Growing Tips (1) Plant in soil specialized for blueberries
(2) Ensure consistent watering throughout the flowering, harvesting, and growing seasons from April to September
(3) Ensure consistent fertilization from March to August
(4) Plant in a location with ample sunlight
(5) Use protective nets to protect from birds
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